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Best Portraits of 2011

In 2011, I seriously concentrated upon my photographs of people. I discovered how much I loved the beauty of the human face. These are the best photos of faces and people that I took last year.

Gertrude School Models

Last May, I joined the Yosemite Western Artists group in order to officially declare to myself that I am an artist. (We all have our doubts in our abilities, after all.) Every Friday of the week, YWA has someone model for the artists to paint and sketch at an old schoolhouse built in the 1890’s not very far from my ranch. It was a great opportunity to learn and refine the craft of taking good portraits.



This was one of the first models I photographed at the schoolhouse. She had such an intense look upon her face that makes this photo one of my best.

Jack Lantz

Jack Lantz is a fine artist and print maker who modeled for us in his fencing gear.


Moriah and her two sisters have been wonderful models for us all year. Even her mother has modeled for us.

Street Photography

Street photography is the art of taking photographs where the subjects are unaware that they are a subject. Street Photography presents candid slices of life.

Oceanside Sitter

This young man sat beside the Oceanside harbor as he sipped his soda through a straw.


A taxi driver relaxes in the warm afternoon in downtown San Jose, California.

The Kindness of Strangers

These were the most difficult photos for me to take. I’m shy by nature, so going up to a total stranger and asking them to pose for me really forces me out of my comfort zone. I asked many strangers if I could take their photograph. Most were very happy to pose for me.

Farmer’s Market Man

This man worked a booth at the local farmer’s market. I loved his smile and his bushy beard.


The Sheriff is part of the “Coutlerville Cowslingers,” a western reenactment group that stages Gunfights.


This girl has real sense of style and a great smile.


I saw this woman in a Fresno bookstore and the light on her face set off her beauty. I was honored when she let me take her photo.

Classic Hollywood

The thirties and forties were the heyday of the Hollywood look to photography. The lighting and camera positions gave depth to the black and white images of the stars and starlets of that era.


My son Michael posed for me to take this classical style photo. I think this really captures the mood of the classical style.

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