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Happy New Year

I’m starting this brand new year with the Best of last year’s photography. I averaged taking about 300 photos a week throughout the year, so you can imagine how many photos I had to look through to come up with this list.

I’m going to break this into two posts. Most of the photos that I took this year were of people. However, I took photos of just about everything. Here’s the best of all the various things that caught my interest this year.


Big Sandy Creek

“Big Sandy Creek”

Big Sandy is in the Sierra National Forest just south of Yosemite.


Oceanside Sunset

“Oceanside Sunset”

This is the dock at Oceanside in Southern California.

Still Life

Pumpkin Portrait

“Pumpkin Portrait”

I have always loved the look of Still Life paintings. Just recently, I set up my leftover squashes and pumpkins for a series of poses using only the light from the window of my house. I have a whole set of nice images from this session, but this was my favorite.


Leaf Glow

“Leaf Glow”

I love to photograph fall leaves. They are dramatic and graphic. I caught this one at the Summerdale campground just south of Yosemite a few days before it closed for the winter season.


Calla Crescendo

“Calla Crescendo”

Of all the flowers I photographed this year, Callas were my favorite subject matter. This calla was out in front of a hardware store. The wonderful thing about photography is that you notice the beauty that surrounds us everywhere we go.


On the Ropes

“On the Ropes”

This horse was on the Confederate side of the Las Mariposas Civil War Reenactment, tied up near the tents.




This character reminds me of the dog, Milo, in the movie “The Mask”. I can’t help but grin back at him. I saw him at the Oakhurst Feed store where they were having a “Dog Days” celebration. One of my photos of a beagle from last year took first place in the Dog category.


Angel's Prayer

“Angel’s Prayer”

The light was just perfect to illuminate this beautiful statue of an angel. This was taken at Western Sierra Nursery, my favorite place to photograph.

Next post, I’ll pick out my favorite photos of people to share with you.

This is the first day of the New Year.

New Year Hopes

It’s the start of the rest of your life.
Make every day of your life count.
Fill it with Beauty and Passion.
Happy New Year everyone!