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Best Photos of 2016 – and 2015

It’s a brand new year, and it’s time for a new start. Over the past couple of years, I’ve sadly neglected my photography arts while as I focused upon my game development work. The work I do is important. I’m trying to create a game that will inspire and enlighten many people. But Art, too, is important. Sharing Art is important as well.

Sharing art is a way of sharing love. Art is an expression of the emotion I feel when I see something beautiful. It is the thrill of going beyond what the camera shows to reveal what the mind sees.

My art is not just taking pretty pictures. A photograph becomes my canvas. Photoshop is my paintbrush.

These are the best pieces of art I’ve created over the past few years of my self-imposed seclusion.


Yosemite Western Artists Portrait Group has provided a wonderful opportunity to work with live models of all ages and style.


Valerie – Gertrude School Model


Ballarina – Gertrude School Model


Reflections – Gertrude School Model


Cosplay is the art of expressing oneself through costumes, makeup, and performance. It allows people to share their love of something they read or saw. They become part of the thing they love and make it their own.

SteamPunk Style

Steampunk Style – Comic Con 2015


GambitComic Con 2015


Doctor – Comic Con 2015

The Professor

The Professor – Comic Con 2015


Leaf on Snow

Leaf on Snow – Fish Camp 2016

Stellar Jay

Stellar Impression – Yosemite National Park 2016

Pelican Seas

Pelican Seas – Oceanside Pier 2016

Meerkat Disdain

Meerkat Disdain – San Diego Zoo 2016


Contemplation – San Diego Zoo 2016

My commitment for the new year is to be more expressive of the things that I love and the things I believe. Life is a marvelous and unique experience. It’s important to break away from the habits of the day to day existence. Go new places. Do new things. Create new art. Show the world who I am and what I care about. Share my love.

Hogsmeade Owl Post

Hogsmeade Owl Post – Universal Studios 2016

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